"Home is Where the Military Sends Us!"
Greetings to all of you who are a Military Spouse!

It's time to get connected!

Being a Military Spouse of any branch of the Military is hard work, having a Spouses Support System in place can make all the difference. This site was created by Military Wives supporting and connecting with other Military Wives.

We are here to help you, and have a little fun!
We never know when the Military will more us or where the next base will be. Our spouses support the Military Mission and we in turn support our Military Spouses. We look forward to the next adventure "One Military Move at a Time". We have had to say good bye to many good friends. Many are life long friends we will never forget.The friends I have made are life long friends, and I may not see them on a daily basis but we connect often, sometimes every evening through email. They know I will find a way to brighten up their day through this support community. Before putting this together, friends came together with information, thoughts, ideas and words of encouragement that might be helpful to other Military Spouses.

This has been a process of more than ten years. We all have a very special place in Military Community, an new adventure begins just around the bend. You can be that very special friend to a Military Spouse, your just a heart string between.

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